Dear all,

We hope you have enjoyed your time off and started the year refreshed and energized.

Although nothing beats to see you all in person…we can try to make the best out of the current situation, during this amazing online Kite New Year event.

In the coming hour we hope to have a lot of fun together and share the great Kite-spirit that drives our company.
Let’s welcome new faces and celebrate the new year!

Without further ado, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and join into the Kite New Years Music Quiz!
Warning!!! There might be some dancing happening!

Enjoy 😊

It is correct that the microphone should be off/on mute, and that you can’t hear the others.
Click next to your Zoom screen, or minimalize Zoom, so that it goes to the background. Zoom, and your camera, will be running on the background. You don’t have to do anything in or with Zoom during the show.