Welcome to our online Christmas Party!

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Dear all,

Whether you’re in Stavanger, Norwich, in finance or in drilling,
we see your worth, abilities, and foremost that you’re willing.

We’re proud to see how each of you is giving it their all,
Keeping up the good spirit during yet another online call…

But nothing beats to see you all in person – we hope you feel the same way too
We wish you happy holidays and enjoy the ONE-Dyas Christmas show, made especially for you!

Click one the Teams-link/invitation:

Click here to Join with Video

It is correct that the microphone should be off/on mute, and that you can’t hear the others.
Make sure your camera is turned on and pointed at you!
Click next to your Teams screen, or minimalize Teams, so that it goes to the background. Teams, and your camera, will be running on the background.
You don’t have to do anything in or with Teams during the show.